I’ve been casually trying to find this video on tumblr dot com since October when I was hungover and watched it for about 5 minutes without stopping

suffice it to say it is one of the greatest of all existing videos

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Hobson’s Choice: Telecommunications under Late Capitalism

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i have never felt the boot of capitalism press more strongly on my throat than when i realized that i literally have no other option but to get comcast internet for my new apartment

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*logs onto tumblr*

*logs off*

If there’s one thing that all “anti-sj” blogs have in common, it’s their complete inability to engage in critical thought and a striking gullibility that allows all their opinions to be formed exclusively through being trolled

Although part of me thinks nobody could really be foolish enough to believe that these are real sincere things said by actual people and their ignorance of that is a deliberate vehicle for their hatred of marginalized people

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spooking myself out watching are you afraid of the dark

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this is the most important thing on the internet today

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i have… a lot of unresolved shit 

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